Saturday, December 18, 2010


Few days ago, I came across a very shocking-regretful-full-of-idiotic video. The video is about a Malay guy who proudly admit that he is gay to the public. Better yet, he advice other gays out there to do the same, thus theY  (referring to a community who fight for freedom of sexuality) come up with a slogan "It's gets better in Malaysia." All I can say is SHAME ON U Mr-Im-So-Proud-Im-Gay(I'm doing my best not to curse in my own blog.)

Call me kolot, shallow-minded, kampong, katak-bawah-tempurung-dalam-gua-dalam-hutan-pendalaman or whatever you want, there won't be a drop of my blood to feel ashamed of that compared to watch a Malay man so proud admitting that he is gay. Fine, u are a successful engineer, so u are great with text books college and stuff, but u certainly failed in life not to mention as a Muslim! 

Yes I am homophobic. Sometimes I feel like punching those gays just because they are gay so that they know in what opinion a real man have towards fag. But I am a reasonable homophobic, so I will list down why in MY strong opinion (these are all based on my very own understanding) there shouldn't be a single homosexual human being on earth.

All existing creature created (or, exist, for you atheist out there) pairs. That means each creature naturally have two specific types that inter-related and depend to one another yet cannot across the same type together. Man for woman, hen for cock, cow for bull, tigress for tiger. Plants also have genders specific for their morphological aspects of sexual reproduction. Moon is actually pairs to the sun, not for sexual reproduction of course, but in terms of their function. Moon reflect some percentage of sunlight during night so nights won't be too dark. The moon also diverse certain amount of force to regulate gravity upon all surface around earth. 

We have different gender because we both serve for different particular purpose. Being homosexual, means that u even confused about your own purpose of existence. As I write, I wonder does the moon have ever confused of its purpose of existence.

However theY probably don't believe in any religion, so I will try to use logic science to explain why homosexual is wrong. Try this, grab your nose…. move your fingers all around your nose,…. squeeze it few times……. ok I'm just kidding with the squeezing, try to test your attention there. I assume u already realize that your nostrils was directed downwards. Scientifically, it is the molecules from DNA structure that shaped all parts of our anatomy. Meaning that even science have rules. 

What if one day, all of a sudden, our nose turn upside down. We probably will have a hard time of breathing during rainy days as water easily run into our breathing system. RULES, yes, there are rules in almost everything including free air.

At this point, theY  probably started to ask, "..then why there are two 'holes' at both male and female  'private area'??" I know, there might not be any confusion if male have only a 'gun' and female have only a 'hole' right? Then this confused people will agree on the pair theory. I explain again the concept of rules in nature and why it is important. We, human being, and almost all mammals, eat and breathe thus depletes into three different substance. Air, fluid and solid (not really that solid though). What you think will happen if those three substance seize to go out on the same time at the same 'hole'??? Human being will have problems of 'clog' and 'plumbing service' all the time!

I wonder why that smart-gay-engineer in that video can't even think of any simple reasonable theory when he's confused. Even dogs know that he have to sexually interact with bitches (referring to female dogs). Have u ever read, heard, or even saw with your own eyes, a male dog humping another male dog??? That is so wrong. Probably few smart fags will say that they saw that on you-tube. OK smart-4$$! Then STOP ACTING LIKE A DOG!!

Terms and condition of this blog.
1. To write whatever comes across my mind. However i do my best to keep it within proved facts.
2. Explicit content. Meaning that u might be offended by my opinion. If so, so please don't continue reading and leave this blog immediately.
3. I'm not responsible for any loss, ashamed, or got punched in your face, if you are using this reading material for presentation, discussion or argument.
4. If by any means u think that my opinion is wrong, or probably I'm just not that smart as you are, then please don't visit this blog again.

Monday, December 13, 2010

So, since I did not enjoy reading, I choose writing as an option to improve myself, or at least I can practice interprets my thoughts into proper sentences. So I’m writing this post, obviously to myself, to break down the regulations that I have to follow in writing any post to this blog. Here we go.

1.       Every post should not take more than 30 min of writing.
This is to keep myself being dragged spending more time just to write what I assume as my best writing of all time (muahaha). Plus it is a good practice to translate whatever comes through my mind, put it down without any hesitations. That brings us to the next terms

2.       To write whatever comes across my mind.
This is the main idea of how to be good in writing (as far as I’ve been told).  I know that a good article have to be in proper compositions or proper grammar, but that need more time in editing thus contradict my 1st regulation above. If you feel like to read a good-grammatically correct-proper composition-article, go to . Not that I will ignore correct grammar and appropriate usage of vocabulary, which will also contradict the whole purpose of starting this blog, but I’m working on that, ok, give me some time.

3.       This is absolutely not a blog to express my anger to anyone.
I’ve been reading through some blogs and most of them were just posts telling a story about how bad other people are, telling disrespectful stories of a situation involving closest people around them, come on, there is not a single good comeback what-so-ever to manipulate information technologies that way. So this blog is just myself emphasizing whatever stupid thoughts come across my sick mind. Sharing thoughts, ideas, experience or even general knowledge about anything.

4.       Don’t write formal.
Yes, I don’t like to be formal, admit it, it’s boring. Life should be fun and being playful like an innocent little kid is the best way to express an joyful life. Try compare reading a column in the news paper and reading a comic book. Both have informations and goal that they wish to reach to their readers. But I also don’t want this blog to look like ‘mastika’. I will try to stand on the facts and probably with some silly non-bias elaborations based on true experienced.

5.       Explicit content.
Basically, most of my posts will be my own assumptions or within my own theoretical point of view. Using the quotes from my posts for any discussions, presentations, writings, or publications  or even in “perbualan kedai kopi” is absolutely upon your own risk.

So, I hope this will be my setback. Hopefully it will help me achieving my goal to develop better writing skill or at least learn mo vocabulary. So that I’m not just can think of a good ideas or concepts but can use writings that all those ideas emerging through words. See, I already use some bombastic words just to make myself sounds smarter after writing this. Hahaha
This whole blogging thing started off few days ago. I was struggling on a submission of an architectural competition, and the only thing left to be done is the design report. Usually this part will be done by one of my team member which, without a question, is a much better writer then the rest of us. But due to some problems, she can't make it. However I didn't feel any pressure knowing that I have more than enough time to complete the report. So this is the part when I realize that I can't even write!

It is not that I am that stupid just to complete a sentence, but my major problem is I can't translate all of my idea and thoughts into a persuasive sentence. So at that moment I realized that I have to practice on this because even if I have a great  visionary ideas will meant nothing if I have a writing skills like an (or should it be 'a' since the next sentence is..) UPSR kids! (..but still, it started with a vowels, right?) ok, this situation right here just clarify the whole point. This situation and other stupid problems is what took me for 6 hours just to complete a 14 pages of design report!

Of course there are other options that I can do in order to improve my writings such as reading. But that is NOT my option. I don't do reading and don't ask me why!  Ask Ghandi why he didn't grew his hair, he'll give u an answer.  Don't ask me why I hate reading because I don't even know why!

So here I am, writing this blog, which is actually something that I have never come across, at any point during my life, to do in hope that this can at least improve my writing skill. BONJOUR or whatever makes u happy.